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there's so so sooo much to do...
301 presentation
301 project
301 individual essay
301 quiz
individual critical thinking analysis
corporate governance slides
strategic audit report
311 group critique
ethical reasoning essay
cs117 midterm

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i am so tired.

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another weekend gone.... zzzzz
busy week coming uppp!
week filled with happy things! (:
but i wish next week wont end...
cos it'll be march..
month filled with unhappy things ):

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im amazed that 3 of us turned up for elective today! hahah.. she screened kungfu hustle!definitely the most interesting module this semster.. (:

after lesson.. met him for a haircut.. finally visited icon by shunji matsu.. after the 98571893 times he said we should go there some day.. and the v special experience zm had there.. hahah i would say that they are really not bad! (: tho i still think he could chop off more hair... hahah.. well he did gave me some advice that i shldnt cut my hair so often.. at least it looks alot neater now and it no longer feels like grass! haha.. glad we enjoyed the haircut! (: and i ended up coming home with sth from mng.. zzz.. but arwell... no regrets for a good buy! (:

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chu san - valentine's (:

back at wild honey! just that this time round we waited 1hour for a table.. zzz.. luckily most shops were open.. so we just walked ard abit. he had english breakfast with lots of different food.. the tomato stew was surprisingly nice! while i had candian.. pancakes! (: at first look the not-so-filling breakfast.. always make me so full as if i ate two meals. haha..

this angle looks like bueno was the photographer!
the most special flowers i ever received.
the one he did for his house

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chu yi - movies with dears
tho we didnt manage to get all our brothers to come along with us... zzz.. next year we must get them all out!! hahah.. well at least one still tagged along and he was our photographer for the day.. tho he had shaky hands and his definition of full body shot seem to stop at the knee. haha.. almost time to thinking abt where shld we go for march! (:

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feeling so lost..

felt as if school hasnt even started!


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Reunion with besties cum Haydee's 22nd! ♥

got up really early for breakfast with besties at WILD HONEY.. almost everything looks good on the menu! 16 different breakfast! (: Bouncy had Japanese: Omelet balls stuffed with smoked salmon, wasabi mayo, rice, salad (without the wasabi mayo) Haydee had European: Our version of eggs Benedict with field mushrooms & prosciutto Miny had Sweet Morning: French toast stuffed with peach and i ordered Tunisian: Sizzling pan of tomato stew, fried eggs & chorizo sausage (less spicy).. the food tasted even better than they look! haha.. like the coziness of the place.. not alot of seats tho which means its packed most of the time.. haha confirmed chop im heading back there on chu san! (: feel like trying Candian/Scandinavian! (:

gave haydee a big bag full of presents! haha.. hit 3 things on her wishlist... hope she'll like all the presents we got! (: and stop carrying ur whole house ard with you!! haha haydee tan its time for you to pack ur bag!! hahah..

reunion at nai nai's house.. i just realise we didnt take photos ): but anw we er que yi.. =/ arwell.. gonna see them real soon later!! haha.. i cant imagine the queue to buy tickets at the box office.. i cant even load the tickets booking page! zzz..

enjoyed delivering flowers last night! (: tho some made me wait at the door for quite awhile.. some were those complicated hdb.. haha.. saw pretty girls! and i saw some who still wore make up even when they're in tshirt and fbts? =x hahahh.. but feels happy to see their surprised and happy faces when they come to the door! (:

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Happy Valentine's Day!! (:
Happy Chinese New Year! (:

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another long day!! from grocery shopping to shopping for presents.. walked for an entire afternoon! cant believed how we actually walk from noon till night last time.. one afternoon and my legs felt numb alr.. hahah.. but glad we had good buys today! tho not for ourselves.. but good presents!! and i hope the pple receiving them will like them all! ((:

two really pretty things i saw today.....

long champ le pliage open tote!! the no zip closure makes the bag looks so much better! and surprisingly the price is lower without the zip!! omgg... so tempting! hahah.. black or lavenderrrr!

ended the day with...

french pedicure! shiokkkk.... fave colours! hahah.. was almost tempted to do red and black.. but every other person has red cos its cny.. zzz hahah on the bus ride home.. as usual my brain naturally goes thru all the figures... omgggg cant bear to think abt how much i sign on my cards today.. haha but money well spend! haha..gotta think abt how to earn more money and really save up after this cny! (:

exciteddd abt breakfast tmr!! (: hope its gooooood! hahah... in fact im feeling hungry now alr.. suddenly feel like having...

a cup of original yogurt icecream with strawberry toppings!! (:

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a long day full of last minutes!
woke up in the morning... early enuff for breakfast and even to catch some random show before heading to coro for lunch..
looking forward to my long 74 bus ride.. last minute changes cos dad and mom decided to head to mkt for last minute shopping.. so they drop me at some bustop.. making my trip much shorter by half..
as usual zm was late.. not becos of the queue to get into the carpark at coro.. but cos he walk out of the house and there was no car! haha.. so we have to resort to cabbing.. manage to catch a quick lunch.. SERIOUSLY i had no mood to go to school.. even sitting at starbucks feels better than making our way all the way to boon lay.. haha the feeling worsen when zm say.. pay to go school nvm.. pay to go for this kind of lesson.. today's 2hr seminar was by the most horrible tutor i felt like i have ever had.. (omg why she dont wanna go back china and just cancel our lessons =x) but anw we went cos someone has to submit his mc... zzz... we attempt to be late for lesson by sitting at the bustop for awhile before flagging for cab.. but we still ended up reaching on time... zzz..
cramppp like i totally felt like dying during lesson.. and nobody had that pink pill with them! ): stuck in the toilet for about 30minutes of the lesson.. (not like i really wanted to listen to her talk =x) he called while i was outside the seminar room.. toldme shopping is cancelled and might have to go help with the flowers... didnt quite mind that cos i felt like im gonna faint if i move one more step... haha..
2hrs finally ended tho it felt like 4hrs... hahah felt slightly happier thinking the week has ended for me.. and the long weekend is hereeeee! (:
gave him a call... and the plan was to go over look for him... to see if there was anywhere they might do with some help! hang ard school awhile to settle some stuff... and finally grab the pink pill... (sometimes i feel like its just psychological effect haha..) when i finally called him they were actually done with the flowers alr!! haha... so last minute changes.... SHOPPING WAS ONz! (:
decided to cabb over to town.. drop zm off along the way.... the most tiring thing of the day was to WAIT FOR CAB... wth.. so many cabs come into ntu and they actually go out hired.. we spend like close to 45minutes waiting for the cab! from raining to no rain to the sun come out.. zzz... so we concluded... the next time if the same thing happens... we'll just have lunch then head back home and not to the ulu island of pulau ntu! hahahaha..
one of the happiest thing of the day was to finally got on the cab to marina sq.. hahahah.. tho i didnt like the meter jumping every other second and the erp... wth.. anw did some quick shopping tho we didnt end up with anything! haha.. zzz.. guess we'll just stick to our post cny shopping.. (: haha..
last minute cancellation.. my v lazy tutee.. he need to go shopping for new yr clothes so tuition is cancelled... zzz.. considering cny is coming.. and he's not going back to bkk to celebrate.. i decided to let him off this time and let him enjoy his cny... hahah
so last minute i turned up for dinner with angeline and gary.. a dinner that he cancelled originally too and called back one hr later saying we can make it.. hahah.. loveeeeeeeeeee the ramen at central! yums... hahah.. chilled at haagen daz after dinner and introduced them to MONOPOLY DEAL.. hahah initially i was afraid they wont enjoy the game.. but we end up having funn! tho he kept on winning.. and we each take turns to end up with nothing in front of us.. hahah..

much last minutes for a loooong day...
but ended off welllllll! (:
ohoh... finally the PAY RISE! tho it might not be the best..... it might probably make a difference.. the thought of going to work is just depressing ): especially when its not doing something i enjoy... ):
arwell.... CNY IS HERE!! (:
cant wait for shopping and pedicure tmr!
woohooo (:

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doesnt really feel like im having school lately especially after having two presentations on the same day! haha.. i couldnt even recall what happened last week in school.. all thats left in my memory about last week was meeting up with him dears and cheegake! (: hahah..
caught a movie last week after a really really long time.. our supposedly studying time turned into a movie date! haha.. but 14 blades was really good.. overheard this girl describing the show to her frens.. omg i feel like telling them thats not wad the show is like cos she totally make it sound so uninteresting! zzz.. but its true that not many pple will enjoy chinese movies these days.. it feels quite sad somehow kids nowadays are become more and more ang moh-ish... =/ but arwell 14 blades is gooood! made me went to load ip man and watch it again.. hahah

reunion dinner at dayi's place! (: first time 3 of us were there together! haha.. spend most of our time with dora and mongol! (: two really huge dogs.. but rather old alr.. feel quite sad when i saw dora cant really walk or she just lie down after a few steps.. and it feels like her leg is painful.. ): food was gooood this yr! tho the super oily roasted duck and roasted pig came abit late.. hahah lovee stayover with dears! i just realise sth.. we spend so much time watching down with love.. guess.. and htht we forgot to take photos!! hahah.. we should do sleepovers more often! (:

glad i didnt spend so much time studying for the quiz today! haha it wasnt that bad.. given that i only spend one short afternoon studying for it.. and i picked half of the seminars to focus on =x hahah.. all time studying buddy! (: cheegakeee i hope u finished what u're suppose to finish!! hahah.. secretly hidden starbucks.. with lots of plugs and really cozy and conducive environment we shld visit it more often!(:

dinner with duans.. (: organiser super pangseh!! cannot make it NV SAY EARLIER! ): zzzz and omgggg.... hua totally FORGOT we're meeting for dinner! ): arwell.. we still enjoyed our dinner date at salad stop.. place for salads and wraps! the wrap is HUGE! like almost double that of subway and it feels a zillion times healthier! (: haha there was so much variety i decided to go for one of their creations hail caesar!(: definitely gonna visit them again and try my own creation.. (:
duans introduced me to MONOPOLY DEAL! (: its damn funnn!! hahah.. been trying to find the cards but it doesnt really seem to be sold at most places ): gonna try again tmr! haha.. its gonna keep us occupied this CNY! (: i still cant believe hy said the game actually resulted in bad blood among her friends! ohmans.. haha this reminds me of how i dont understand how a game can result in pple being unhappy and quarrel over it.. when a game is suppose to be fun and for everyone to enjoy! zzzzzz

looking forward to the month of feb!! but dont want the month after that to come.. :(
feels like CNY is here alr!! (:

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one of the best movies by 甄子丹 (:

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there goes another day of slacking.. urghs..
i lovee matrices! (: haha..

like this post by rozz...
certain things she says its just so true! somehow as i read the part on toxic friends.. names of random people i know can actually be associated with it.. omgg... okay maybe just mild ones.. haha.. and it reminds me of the saddening fact that as we grow older.. life seems to be more complicated (although i still believe that if you think of things to be simple.. it would be simple) some way or another we'll just come across new friends.. and the decision of can this person really be a friend... it just gets harder as we get older..

friendship is a two way thing.. that makes me feel kind of guilty about some true friends i lost here and there along the way.. when we all just get busy (okay maybe also lazy) we stop talking.. although sometimes i would feel that its actually not that difficult to text or msn the person can catch up a lil with each other's lives! haha.. or even better to find some time to meet up and have a meal together.. (:

fb weeding... reminds me of the time i almost felt like deleting my fb account.. altho i didnt in the end cos i realise i'll lose my platform to play games like bejeweled.. and to kope photos when i need to do collages or cards and stuff.. haha but i think if i ever did fb weeding... i'll probably really keep like half of my friends!! omgg.. i prob wont put in the effort to go delete friends.. but since some time ago i have alr restricted access to my profile for some pple =x fb just..gives me the feeling its too open somehow..

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o m g
your singing hasnt changed abit

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screwed up two presentations

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enjoying the start of the day with a good breakfast! (:

got up pretty early yesterday morning.. with no alarm.. naturally wake up.. hahah.. walk all the way down to hougang pt (not that far actually... but still feels like a small walk for me.. hahah) thinking abt hotcakes and sausage! (: stood at the queue for awhile.. then i notice this tiny A5 size paper stuck at the side of the counter.. i read it and its says... HOTCAKES ARE NOT AVAILABLE THIS MORNING AS THE MACHINE BROKE DOWN. omgg.. luckily i didnt spend too long queuing.. i saw a little girl so sad when her mom told her got no hotcakes.. HOW CAN THERE BE NO HOTCAKES FOR MACS BREAKFAST! depressed... ))): hotcakes with lots of margarine and maple syrup plus a sausage with some ketchup is like one of the best breakfast! zzz.. so upset.. i came home with an empty stomach.. cooked some noodles and cp wanton.. hahahah..

read from somewhere quite some time ago.. that snoozing is unhealthy! it actually makes you feel even more tired when u wake up the second time. hahah.. its quite interesting actually.. but rather true to some extent! haha.. waking up the first time is actually when you're really awake and refresh.. (but that is provided you didnt go to sleep freaking late and deprived youself of that 8hrs of beauty sleep) hahah.. okay although i admit i still snooze some times.. but those are the times i just switch off the snooze button and just sleep all the way until i feel like getting up! hahah =x

just spend like the past 50mins close to 1hour printing some ppt slides and readings!! omg.. my dear hp printer keep getting cartridge stalled or the files get jammed while printing.. zzzzz but i guess at least the printouts are still looking perfectly fine! haha.. TWO damn presentations on tues.. and an inclass workshop (aka test) coming... zzzz....

CANT WAIT FOR THIS SATURDAY!! gonna invade rting's room!! hahahh....cant believe we havent been there since she moved =x hahahh.. more htht and the new jerry yan and ella show!! hahah.. i think we're gonna make soooooo much noise.. i hope her mom and bro and maybe the neighbours can tahan us =x hahahahh..

海派甜心 last episode! (:

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